A Dangerverse Datebook


31 May 2006



A Dangerverse Datebook is a collection of side-stories, originally published separately on Fanfiction, repackaged on Fanficauthors together with an extra new chapter.


Little stories from the Dangerverse, incorporating several one-shots from Featuring the cubs' first April Fools' prank, two stories from the day Snape invaded the Den, two stories of the day of Sirius' trial, information about the Pack-pendants, and the cubs' favorite bedtime story. Includes "Letting Go," previously published here as its own story, and a cut scene from "Living with Danger". Now with a brand-new post-Final-Battle scene!

–Summary from Fanficauthors


1 April 1987: Pranks Ahoy!
AU, one-shot. It’s April Fool’s Day, and Harry Potter and his siblings are finally old enough to prank on their own. The Marauders’ Den will never be the same. “Living with Danger” spoilers up to Chapter 30.

–Summary from Fanfic

4 July 1987: Leaving Home
AU, one-shot. “Living with Danger” spoilers up to Chapter 30. Harry Potter and his siblings surprise their Pack-parents with foresighted preparations to leave their secret home, the Marauders’ Den, after its invasion by a hostile wizard.

–Summary from Fanfic

4 July 1987: A Chat with Severus
AU, one-shot. Snape learns the truth about the Marauders, and discovers that truth always comes with a price. This price isn’t one he wanted to pay, but it’s too late now... “Living with Danger” spoilers up to Chapter 30.

–Summary from Fanfic

23 December 1990
Andy and Aletha
This scene has never before been published. It was cut from Chapter 43 of "Living with Danger" and is now presented here for your reading pleasure!

–Author Notes from Fanficauthors

24 December 1990: Trapped Like a Rat
AU, one-shot. From the "Living with Danger" universe. Peter Pettigrew's POV. The title should say it all. LwD spoilers up to Chapter 47.

–Summary from Fanfic

24 December 1990: Letting Go
AU, one-shot. From the “Living with Danger” universe. December 24, 1990: Sirius and Aletha have a midnight conversation, Sirius makes a decision, and Aletha makes a discovery. LwD spoilers up to Chapter 47.

–Summary from Fanfic

22 March 1991: Gift of the Founders
AU, one-shot. “Living with Danger” spoilers for the whole story. Remus examines the Pack-pendants and figures out what all the different carvings mean. Recommended reading before “Living without Danger”!

–Summary from Fanfic

31 December 1992: Tell Us a Story
AU, one-shot. Harry Potter and his siblings ask one of their guardians to tell them a story. After all, you're never too old for a bedtime story. Set in the "Living with Danger" universe, but can be read alone. Used to be “Tell Us A Story”.

–Summary from Fanfic

17 September 1998: Every Story
Post-Final-Battle DV musicalfic oneshot, no lyrics. After meditating on peace and war, Sirius imagines a world ruled by purebloods and his and Aletha's possible places in it. Heavily references Elton John and Tim Rice's Aida. Has hints of DV endings.

–Summary from Fanfic

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