An Animagus is a witch or wizard who can change their form into that of a specific animal. The process of becoming an Animagus is not terribly complicated, but it is long and involves a great many steps, so many wizards never bother with it.

Steps towards AnimagusEdit

  1. Scrying for one's form. This requires a reflective surface such as a mirror, a wand, and the incantation Revelo Animalis. The mirror will fill with fog, which will then lift to show animals running by. One animal will eventually stop and make eye contact with the spellcaster. That animal is the caster's form.
  2. Individual transfigurations. Spells must be found and modified to transfigure every part of the caster's body safely from human to animal form and back again.
  3. Potion. No exact directions have ever been given for this potion's brewing, but it takes twelve weeks to complete and is apparently acidic at one point (one of the original Marauders' brewings ate through the cheap cauldron they were using). It can be stored when it is not quite finished, but once completed, it must be drunk within ten minutes or it will curdle and turn useless. Its purpose is to unify all the individual transfigurations, and allow them to happen both simultaneously and wandlessly.
  4. Incantation. A witch or wizard desiring to be an Animagus must either locate and suitably modify or write from scratch an incantation of several sentences' length, in grammatically correct Latin, describing his/her form, both in body and in mind. This incantation is recited in its entirety to trigger the first transfiguration, then in shorter and shorter forms as the body becomes used to the change, until finally the change occurs simply by desiring it. Only at that point can the witch or wizard truly call him/herself an Animagus.


Name Form
Sirius Black Large black dog
Draco Black Arctic fox
Meghan Black Doe
Aletha Freeman-Black Pegasus
Gertrude Granger-Lupin Wolf
Hermione Granger-Lupin Calico cat
Lee Jordan Wolf
Neville Longbottom Demiguise
Luna Lovegood Snowy owl
Remus Lupin Lion
Minerva McGonagall Cat
Selena Moon Cross fox
Peter Pettigrew Rat
Harry Potter Wolf
Maya Pritchard Cougar
Severus Snape Raven
Fred Weasley Red fox
George Weasley Red fox
Ginny Weasley Lynx
Ron Weasley Red-tailed hawk