Beauvoi family


Be Careful

The Beauvoi family feature heavily in Be Careful in which they are the known Heirs of Slytherin.

Many of them correspond to characters from DV-canon, but not necessarily as expected.

Family membersEdit

  • Remus "Moony" Beauvoi, aka Lord Beauvoi, married to…
  • Gertrude "Danger" Beauvoi, née Granger, mother of…
    • Reynard Alexander Beauvoi, twin to…
    • Hermione Jeanette Beauvoi
    • Abigail Beauvoi
    • Jonathan Beauvoi
    • Charlie "Dragon" Beauvoi
    • Nicole Beauvoi


  • Tom Marvolo Riddle, father of…
  • Morgan Riddle Black, mother of…
    • Paul Black
    • Diana Black
    • Aurora Black
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