Defying Gravity




January 23, 2011



October 9, 2014


Selena has always wanted to prove that Slytherins are not Death-Eaters in training. She finally gets her chance as war looms. But is she willing to make the sacrifice?


  1. Tonight's The Night
  2. Getting to Know You
  3. At the Beginning
  4. Bargaining
  5. Night of Anguish
  6. Something Wicked This Way Comes
  7. Dumbledore's Army
  8. The End of the Innocence
  9. The Confrontation
  10. Unto the Breach
  11. Louder Than Words
  12. Sanctuary
  13. It's Now or Never
  14. Oh, It's a Lovely War!
  15. Baby Mine
  16. How Long Must This Go On?
  17. Something's Afoot
  18. Before the Summer Ends
  19. Going Back To Hogwarts
  20. Long Distance
  21. My Night to Howl
  22. One Short Day
  23. Memories are Made of This
  24. Lion Hearted Land
  25. This Time of Year
  26. Jolly Holiday
  27. When Children Are Asleep
  28. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
  29. My Defences Are Down
  30. Ode to Attention Seekers
  31. Now You Know
  32. Field of Flowers
  33. Lament for the Missing And Lost
  34. Be Prepared
  35. Does Your Mother Know?
  36. Just You Wait
  37. Be Back Soon
  38. We're Here
  39. Don't Follow In My Footsteps
  40. Who Are You?
  41. It's You
  42. The Vigil
  43. Justice Will Be Done
  44. If Only
  45. Endless Night
  46. The Way Things Are
  47. It Don't Make Sense
  48. Sorry's Not Enough
  49. Take Me As I Am
  50. Once You See
  51. Your Fault
  52. How Could I Ever Forget?
  53. When I Look At You
  54. Without You
  55. Lost in the Darkness
  56. How Can Love Survive?
  57. I'll Tell You A Truth
  58. Can You Find It In Your Heart?
  59. Still Hurting
  60. Say It Somehow
  61. Something Just Broke
  62. Just Like That
  63. It's All Over
  64. Hard To Say Goodbye
  65. In Our Little Den
  66. Waiting For You
  67. Difficult And Dangerous Times
  68. One Jump Ahead
  69. Trouble
  70. Crisis Averted
  71. Let's Fly Away
  72. It's A Scandal! It's An Outrage!

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