Hermione Jane "Neenie" Granger-Lupin (born September 19, 1980) is a half-blood witch, blood twin to Draco Black, girlfriend to Ron Weasley, a member of the Pack, and the beta female of the Pride.


Early YearsEdit

Hermione was born to David and Rose Granger on September 19, 1980. She was looked after by her older sister, Danger Granger, after the deaths of her parents. She was often bullied by Dudley Dursley, who would pull her hair if he caught her. Hermione had a habit of sucking her thumb. She became friends with Harry Potter after Danger started babysitting for him.

Living with DangerEdit

Hermione was part of the reason why Remus Lupin discovered Harry, as Danger scolded her after pushing Harry before comforting the boy. Hermione took an instant liking to Remus, speaking to him after knowing him only for a day, despite usually being shy for at least a week.

Vital statisticsEdit

Physical appearanceEdit

Hermione has bushy brown hair, which sometimes seems out of control, and hazel eyes, though they occasionally have streaks of gray in them if she is in physical contact with Draco and using their blood-bond to communicate. Like her sister Danger, she is not very tall, nor is she emphatically curved, but it would be difficult to mistake her for a boy. She has a vertical scar under her left eye, across her cheekbone, approximately one inch long, where Lucius Malfoy collected the blood to twin-bond her to Draco.

Magical abilitiesEdit

The first of the Pride to achieve her Animagus transformation, Hermione has the form of a calico cat, her fur patched in white, orange, and black. She is also a dreamsculpter, and maintains a shared dreamworld "playground" with Draco, along with various dream settings they create as needed or desired.

Hermione's wand is eleven and three-quarter inches long and made from vine wood, with a dragon heartstring core. She excels at almost every sort of wanded magic, due to her quick and retentive mind.

Other abilitiesEdit

Hermione enjoys climbing trees, especially if she has a book or three with her. She reads very quickly and has, if not a perfect memory, very close to it. Like her siblings, she has musical training, and enjoys singing along with having fair competence on the piano. She is, however, not allowed to work in the kitchen unsupervised, as things have a disturbing tendency to boil over, fall apart, explode, or otherwise go wrong.