Luna Marie "Starwing" Lovegood is a pureblood witch with Seeing abilities, the girlfriend of Draco Black and member of the Pride.


Early YearsEdit

Luna was born to Gerald and Anita Lovegood. They lived quite close to the Weasleys, and she and Ginny were good friends, often visiting each others' houses.

Vital statisticsEdit

Physical appearanceEdit

Luna has long, dark-blonde hair and blue-grey eyes which are always open wide, giving her a constant look of mild surprise. She is fairly small and slender, but is quite limber and knows how to use the strength she has. She has a scar on the inside of her left forearm, made up of seven small puncture wounds in the shape of a crescent, where the fragments of the exploding scrying bowl which killed her mother struck her.

Magical abilitiesEdit

Since being struck by the fragments of her mother's bowl, which were coated with the potion Anita had been using to scry with, Luna has been something of a Seer, a power heightened when she sent it away for over a year, then asked that it be restored to her. Her Seeing crosses the boundaries between clairvoyant/present-seeing and prophetic/future-seeing, though the latter was always a minor ability until after her "break". She can, due to these abilities, tell when people are lying, disguised, or Animagi/transfigured. Her criteria for sharing what she has Seen about people are sometimes difficult to understand.

Luna's Animagus form is a snowy owl, which she finds useful since owls are generally considered "part of the scenery" in the wizarding world. She has skill in most basic areas of magic taught at Hogwarts, including helping Draco brew complicated potions.

Other abilitiesEdit

Luna enjoys both music and dancing, especially with Draco. She is also a talented artist, often drawing scenes to help her think or to amuse the rest of the Pride. She likes to help her father collect and edit stories for The Quibbler, and often does her own research into strange or unusual areas of magic. Very little surprises or unbalances her, helping her play a peacekeeper role within the Pride.