March 15, 1982, Surrey

Living with Danger
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26 October 2004

March 15, 1982, Surrey is the first chapter of Living with Danger.


Remus Lupin, after deciding to kill himself by way of lycanthropy, accidentally discovers the whereabouts of one Harry Potter. Through his reunion with the toddler, he meets "Danger" Granger and her sister, Neenie. During their conversation, Danger asks whether magic is real, and he tells her the truth. She explains that she found her parents dead and without marks (courtesy of the Killing Curse), and then proceeds to tell Remus about her dreams about him. Danger invites Remus over to hers to look at a poem she dreamed of, which he accepts, and she reveals to him that Peter Pettigrew was the Potters' traitor. Together, they decide to work through the poem.[1]


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  • The Park
  • 17 Privet Drive


  • The street Pettigrew blew up



  • Killing Curse
  • Animagus

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