Nature's Nobility: A Wizarding Genealogy (published before 1980[1]) is a book that is featured in Surpassing Danger. It is a book that denotes all major magical lines, including (but not restricted to) the Lestranges, Longbottoms, Lupins and Malfoys.



"Though not a recognized wizarding House, the line of Lupin is nonetheless of respectable antiquity. Some historians claim to trace it to a wizard of legendary valor on the battlefield, known as John the Wolf for his ferocity towards his enemies in war and his dedication to his family in peace. However, as John the Wolf flourished less than a century after the Founding of Hogwarts, this claim is dfficult to validate, and this author finds it more creditably that the line was founded in more recent times, perhaps by a notable hunter of wolves or breeder of wolfhounds. No current descendants of this pureblood line exist."[2]


Flourished by "one Lucius Malfoy, though he was born with the name of Beauvoi of Beaufoi, under which style there is evidence that the line is considerably older. This said Lucius, however, was followed throughout his lifetime by unjust rumors that he had murdered his cousin, William Beauvoi, in order to inherit his money and property, including the present-day Malfoy Manor (Wiltshire, England). This led to his being given the darkly punning nickname of 'mal foi', or 'bad faith'. In an attempt to lay this calumny to rest, Lucius adopted the altered form Malfoy as his legal surname, which succeeded in silencing all but the most pernicious of the slanderers. His current descendant, another Lucius, resides at Malfoy Manor with his wife Narcissa (née Black)."[2]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. Draco is not mentioned in the entry for the Malfoys, but Narcissa is referred to as being alive.
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