Prophecies are the telling of future events.

Danger's PropheciesEdit

Black to Red and Red to BrownEdit

Danger Granger's first prophecy, made between October 31, 1981 and March 15, 1982.

Wording of the ProphecyEdit

Black to red and red to brown

Shall truly bring the darkness down.

Find the red and find the rat

Whose cunning plot did catch no cat.

Trust thy heart and try the grim,

And truth shall bring new life to him.

The wolf that runs in brightest dark

Of fear in danger strikes no spark,

For she is maid of warrior soul,

And by her touch his mind is whole.

When they who saved the savior twine

The freshest blood with founders' line,

Then has the age of hope begun,

And peace comes to the man who won.[1]

The InterpretationEdit

The first couplet states that Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley (assumed), Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger-Lupin will be the ones to defeat Voldemort.

The couplet after states that Peter Pettigrew, whose Animagus form is a rat, is with the Weasleys. His cunning plot caught Sirius Black, who is a dog in Animagus form, and not a cat.

The third couplet speaks that Remus should believe that Sirius wouldn't betray the Potters, and that Sirius should have a trial, as a Grim is another word for a Padfoot, a big black dog (Sirius' form). The "truth" can be interpreted literally as well as metaphorically through Aletha Freeman, whose name means truth.

The quatrain after is about Remus and Danger, speaking of her fearlessness of his lycanthropy ("brightest dark" being the night of the full moon) and her taming abilities.

The final quatrain states that when the Pack is formed, there will be hope for the war against Voldemort.

Notes and ReferencesEdit