The Lion, the Snake, and the Safe Room




13 April 2006



March 17, 2013


Triple crossover (HP canon, Dangerverse, Narnia), opens end of canon fourth year: Hogwarts is invaded, students sealed into safe rooms. Harry and Hermione get stuck with Draco Malfoy and a second year Slytherin named Meghan, and the large wardrobe has their clothes in it, so they may be there a while… or will they?

–Summary on FanFiction

Starts at the end of canon fourth year. A Death Eater attack on Hogwarts sends the students into sealed safe rooms. Harry and Hermione find themselves locked in with Draco Malfoy and a second year Slytherin named Meghan, and their other clothes are hanging in the large wardrobe in the living room. It looks like they might be here a while… Triple crossover, HP-canon/Dangerverse/Narnia. Familiarity with all three recommended but not required.

–Summary on Fanficauthors

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  • Prologue
    Harry and Hermione end up in a safe room with Draco Malfoy and a small girl named Meghan Freeman.
  1. Entrance
    Meghan turns out to be Sirius Black's daughter: he only found out about her recently. She and Draco discover that the wardrobe in their safe room leads to Narnia. Meghan meets a friendly Dryad; Draco meets…someone of a rather different nature.
  2. Royalty
    Draco has been given various tasks to forward the plan to take over Narnia: Step One is getting Harry there. However he is then forced to sign a pledge not to join the White Wizard…after which they all go to sleep. When they wake up they set off towards Cair Paravel[1], watched by excited Talking Animals as they travel.
  3. Arrival
    The current Kings and Queens are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their young counterparts, who meet up with a Naiad and Meghan's friend the Dryad as they travel. The latter reveals some startling information about the current Kings and Queens and begins to inform the new arrivals about their new home. They arrive at the palace just in time to witness a lively argument…
  4. Presentation
    The arguing couple turn out to be a King and a Queen, which does not impress Draco much; neither does being introduced to Kargin, a Red Dwarf, who helps the boys clean up as his sister, Garnet, helps the girls. They are presented at Afternoon Court and High King Ardan blesses them with the sign of the Knife, which makes Draco feel strange. They meet with the Kings and Queens in the library where they are given reassurance and a ticking off, as appropriate.
  5. Beautiful
    The four visitors awaken separately and each of them spends some time with someone significant to them.
  6. Legend[2]
  7. Reason[3]
  8. Lessons[4]
  9. Belonging[5]
  10. Friends[6]
  11. Words[7]


from Hogwarts
from Narnia
  • King Gilles
  • High Queen Ilana
  • High King Ardan
  • Queen Caelin
  • Oren, a Dryad, who befriends Meghan
  • Nata, the Naiad of the Silver Spring
  • a mysterious man who brands Draco's arm with a white snake: presumed to be the White Wizard
  • Kas, a talking Robin
  • Abra, a Red Dwarf, cook at Cair Paravel
  • Kargin, a Red Dwarf, Abra's youngest son
  • Garnet, a Red Dwarf, Abra's daughter
    • Gaubert
    • Regulo
    • Leticia
    • Beatrix
    • Therese
    • Sylvanus



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