The Pride is a group of friends that somewhat resembles the Pack. It received its name in honor of its members, all Gryffindors.


The Pride officially formed on July 31, 1992, when Harry and his friends visited Neville in the middle of the night and performed the ritual to combine them together. They were named the Pride the same night in a not-dream taking place at a party in the Founders' Castle, with members of both Pack and Pride attending.


In itself, the Pride is similar to the Pack, with eight members and two alphas and two betas. However, the Pride has no cubs of its own. Also, within the Pride, the betas are not a couple, as the need for clear leadership overrides the usual structure.


Other PridesEdit

Following Facing Danger, other Prides have cropped up, with similar structures and traditions.

The Second PrideEdit

Formed on May 1, 1996.

  • Lee Jordan, presumably alpha male
  • Maya Pritchard, presumably alpha female
  • Roger Davies, possible beta male
  • Selena Moon, possible beta female
  • Dean Thomas
  • Lindsey Jordan
  • Graham Pritchard
  • Natalie Macdonald
  • Zachary Cedric Davies, cub

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